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Home Show

Booth at 2023 Home Show

SERVPRO of Douglas County had the privilege of being a part of the 2023 Umpqua Valley Home Builders Associations Home Show. This was such a great experience to get out there and show them we are under new ownership. We can't wait to be a part of the 2024 Show.


Squatter Apartment

This photo is from a Biohazard loss in Roseburg. This apartment was a part of the unfortunate aspects of the community we live in. Squatters moved into an apartment, left behind trash up to the counters that included: urine, used needles, feces and blood on paper towels. Our team did a great job of carefully removing all the items and cleaning the apartment to "Make it look like it never happened."

Water Damage

Pipes broke and caused an entire home to be damaged

This is from a brand-new home in Roseburg. The loss was from piping leaking from the hot water heater. The damage included bamboo flooring through the home, which resulted in almost the entire home being demoed and reconstructed. In the end the homeowners raved about how well we handled the loss and how their home "Looks like it never happened."

This is from a house fire in Winston, Oregon

House fire

This was the aftermath of a fire in a home in Winston. We arrived on scene after almost the entire house was engulfed and had significant smoke, water and soot damage. We completed the job in an extremely fast manor and it was ready for a complete rebuild.